Thursday, September 23, 2010

Letters to Moree 4 - Osama

Hello there Brother Brian,

Osama here.

My old Nazi friend Erica tells me you are changing the political landscape over there in Australia.

I am in a bit of a bind here I tell you.

A man can’t even step outside the cave to take a piss without his dick being showered with fucking shrapnel from these fucking American infidel cunts.

The brothers need a new hiding place and somewhere to train.

Your huge grazing property at Nugent looks ideal.

We could use some cattle for target practise and then have a BBQ afterwards eh?

Old Erica tells me you have a tractor.

Could we make a video with you and me sitting on the tractor so we can taunt these infidel cunts in the fucking Pentagon and the White House?

Just imagine “Hello you cunts – Osama here with Moree” [film cuts to you waving an AK47 and yelling “Fuck you infidel cunts, me and Osama here are going to have a violent Jihad against you fucking American cunts and the Jews as well.
The Jews are fucking masters of money lending at exorbitant rates and leaders in fucking treachery and the American administration protect the fucking arseholes.”

Film cuts back to me.

“So as you can see Moree and I are not fucking about!

We will be fucking you cunts up the arse and raping your missus.

I personally will fuck that ‘Tiger Wood’s’’ missus and Moree here will fuck anything that is alive – that is why the sheep here are looking so worried”.

Camera pans across the paddock to worried sheep.

So Brian, I think with our combined talents we will be a very successful unit.

Go down in history so to speak!

I already have our first target picked out.

The fucking American cunts erected a tracking device on top of the Marine Board Building disguised as a wind turbine.

So I had to get one of the brothers to disguise himself as a plumber and throw a spanner into the works.

Young Omar here has a heavy vehicle license and is desperate to be a martyr.

He will drive a semi-trailer load of Hexamethylenetriperroxiamina and Triacetenetryperoxide straight down Argyle Street and flatten the accelerator.

No more Omar, no more Marine Board Building. no more fucking waterfront!

I will be in touch Brian


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