Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Point 1

Saturday Lunch at the Cascades.

It is like walking into 1976.
Nobody has any shopper dockets - Oh well!
Morey didn't stop complaining all the way there as he had a hangover.
Travelled up in Bryan's car [well his dog's car].
Bryan just drives it as the dog has not got a drivers license which is a wonder as he is a 'very smart dog'.
The Bishop just arrives at 1.55 and is not sure what he wants.
'Real Estate' Joe has just rang his order through.
The staff are irritated as the cook wants to knock off.
No pub in Hobart wants to put up with this shit.
Morey backs a horse at 66/1 by accident and claims he has a system.
The food arrives and the bullshit starts. 'Real Estate' Joe has just a 'proper little dive' in West Hobart for 340K.
He wonders if people have rocks in their head.
Morey claims Rudd is nationalising the mining industry.
'Real Estate Joe' agrees and says that Rudd is a proper so and so as is Obama for that matter.
He says Bartlett as not as bad as he once thought except those glasses are a proper mistake.
The Bishop makes bad jokes about Peter Garrett [how can we sleep when our batts are burning?] etc.
Morey claims he is going to the State Cinema to watch a film with Michael Caine in it as he is not politically correct [Morey that is].
No one else wants to go.
Morey tries to sell his idea saying "you can drink wine there".
Still no one buys into it.
Morey has now changed his mind about going to the cinema and claims he will get blind drunk instead.
Me and The Bishop head back to the Point.
We go via the dog beach.
Sure enough Bryan's dog's car is parked there.