Thursday, September 23, 2010

Letters to Moree 2 - Pieter Harriet

Dear Mr Morey,
I have recently spoken to Mr Allan Willie who spoke of you in such high regard I felt compelled to contact you.

Mr Willie told me of how you went to his election night function and persuaded him to back the Labor Party in the likelihood of a hung parliament.

Allan tells me that you are highly regarded in civil engineering, earthmoving and as a grazier.

I would love to come down to your farm with you and hear your opinions on a variety of issues.

You see Brian; I do not trust public servants and bureaucrats after the mess they put me in and then hung me out to dry.

Comrade Willie says you have a tractor we can sit on and have our photo taken together.

This would be much treasured by me and I could present a copy to the Prime Minister.

Please take this letter in good faith and I will be in touch next time I am in Tassie.

Andrew tells me you are a very private man but you like a drink or five and the best way to contact you is at the Ship Builders Arms or the Princess of Wales.

I will call in to these establishments.

Kind Regards


Pieter Harriett

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